prowadzacaWe would like to present you with „Kurier Fryzjerski” – the most recent Polish magazine from the hairdressing and cosmetics industry, a 21st century product that is our response to the mediocrity that prevails in the press as a whole.

Looking at the rapid growth of the hairdressing and cosmetics industry and the growing awareness of Clients and Readers, we came up to fulfill these expectations by offering a modern and professional product.

„Kurier Fryzjerski” deals with all the issues associated with hairdressing. It is a guide for people seeking information and inspiration, backed by years of publishing and industry experience. We hope that, just as our global counterparts, it is and will always be an essential tool of every professionally active hairdresser and stylist. It is also a magazine for hair salon clients, who have an opportunity to learn about the global trends in styling, coloring and hair care and being at the center of the most interesting industry events in Poland and world-wide.
In our magazine we present the most current collections of world-famous stylists, hair-cutting and coloring techniques, highest quality articles, reports from trade fairs and training sessions, interviews and presentations of companies from the industry. We also present the information about the latest products, trends and give advice on how to manage hair salon effectively and efficiently.
We want to create a prestigious and innovative product, working with recognized authorities and experts from many areas.

The launch of „Kurier Fryzjerski” has met with great interest and positive reactions by major corporations and institutions and has led to the establishment of collaborative relationships. We wish to thank our current Partners for the faith and trust in our skills, know-how and professionalism.
We are offering you a chance to participate in this project, joining our team by sending in interesting articles and innovative materials. We also highly appreciate any suggestions, comments and proposals that you may have.

We also invite you to subscribe to our newsletter – a quick and irreplaceable source of current information that appears since February 2010. Every week – each Wednesday, you will receive current proposals by top stylists, novelties, hairdressing news from Poland and elsewhere, training schedules, advice on management and marketing, expert opinions.
Soon we will also invite you to visit our hairdressing portal, where you will find current industry information – news, presentations of companies and key industry people, events, collections, hair-cutting and coloring techniques, supplier addresses and all the information essential and helpful in everyday creative work of a hair-dresser.

Number of copies: 14.000, published every six weeks (eight editions a year)
Format: 215 x 295 mm. Paper: cover – chalk paper, 300 gram, laminated + film covering, inside – chalk paper 135 gram

Professional publications maintain strong position on the market in terms of copy figures. They also enjoy a high degree of trust, credibility and competence. Trade publications reach directly the people interested in a specific subject, often at the time they are making key decisions. Thanks to these attributes, advertising in professional magazines is very effective.

Kurier Fryzjerski Nr 8/2017

Kurier Fryzjerski Nr 8/2017
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