Hair: Rafael Bueno Hair Assistant: Moyses Utrera Photographer: Juan Trujillo Retouch: Juan Trujillo MUA: Ariadna Caparrós Designers: Helena Mareque and Valenzuela Models: Natalia González and María Aguilera Headdresses: Martina Dorta Coordination and styling: Rodolfo Mcartney

2019-06-18 08:55:12

INFALIBLE is a collection inspired by naturalness.  We have opted out of our usual line of elaborated and polished works, concentrating instead on the natural and organic.  Maintaining our philosophy regarding method and process, we respect the waves and textures of the hair.  Ponytails featuring waves, curls or semi-collected hair, are just some of the looks that make up this collection.  The headdresses and accessories are a fundamental part of the presentation of this image where vintage pieces once again play a vital role, evoking the jewellery made by the master craftsmen of Paris in the early 20th Century.