Hair: Kerrie DiMattia Photography: Pixie Bella Makeup: Candice Battersby Styling: DIMATTIA & CO Team Salon: DIMATTIA & CO

2019-08-02 09:01:48

IMPROMPTU was born from a desire and a need to leave behind my daily world of “ON TREND” just for a moment & allow myself to just CREATE.

I’ve had a love throughout my career of classically beautiful hair; hair that is uncomplicated, simplistic & unplanned, yet incredibly fierce & feminine.

The best thing about the shoot that produced this collection was that it was IMPROMPTU - orchestrated and executed without being planned or rehearsed. There is such a freedom in not having plans or expectations of what should be, but to just let the magic happen.

I was looking for the IMPROMPTU imagery to have a sense of being “undone” an almost “morning after” feel to it.
The styling is simplistic, uncluttered & in some cases dishevelled but with a decidedly sexy feel